Informal Learning

Strategic Social Impact

Susan Schnorr's role as an instructor at Walden University further amplifies her commitment to driving social change. Drawing on Walden's visionary ethos centered on effecting positive societal transformation, Susan infuses her teaching and consulting work with a desire to make a difference through informal learning and strategic networking principles. By instilling a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of learning and social impact, Susan empowers the next generation of leaders to leverage their knowledge and networks for meaningful change. 

Susan's dual role as a consultant and educator exemplifies her dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning and social responsibility within organizations and academia. She brings a dynamic blend of expertise to her consulting work, championing the fusion of social change with informal learning and strategic networking. With a keen understanding of how social media can catalyze learning and performance within organizations, Susan empowers businesses to harness the transformative power to foster adaptable and inclusive learning environments that encourage collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.

Through strategic networking, Susan cultivates connections that transcend traditional boundaries and embraces change and collective action toward meaningful social change. With Susan's enthusiasm, positive attitude, and guidance, organizations enhance their learning culture and make a tangible difference in their communities and beyond.