Client Testimonials

Here is what our clients have to say ...

"I first hired Sue as a project manager and instructional designer for sales curriculum development. She truly has provided exceptional value to our learning and development team and to our business units overall. I liked that she was flexible and gave us tools that we are still using today and leveraging for other projects within the business. This curriculum is still our primary offering for the sales force. Due to the success of this deliverable, we again contracted Sue to lead the design and implementation of our customer service workshop. Without a doubt, Sue delivers time and time again. She makes all of what she does seem effortless. I highly recommend Sue and would gladly work with her again in the future.”
Director of Learning and Development, Major Financial Institution

“The class gave us the exact results we were looking for. Sue created a great design, which was customized to meet our specific needs. She modeled excellent facilitation techniques and provided relevant drills and examples. The reps put to use to improve their skills and immediately put them into use. They learned and had fun!”
Chris Hutchinson, Performance Consultant, Eastman Kodak Co.

"Sue Schnorr’s Train-the-Trainer program was outstanding.  Sue was extremely professional and diligent and contributed relevant insights. She gained our trainers’ respect, and was instrumental in helping them improve their skills which made all of the classes very successful.”
Mary Lynn Portzer, Training Manager, Marriott International, Inc.

“We are all very pleased with Training Insights, Inc. The classes are interactive and fun. I’ve never seen my staff get so involved and take sessions so seriously. We’ve signed on for another year of classes.”
Roland Battista, General Manager, Sara Lee Coffee and Tea

 “Susan is a talented instructional designer. She is a good organizer, has good leadership skills, was versatile and met deadlines. She was clear and to the point, positive, good at taking my concepts and converting them to paper and producing a high quality product. She is also a skilled facilitator. She got the participants involved, modeled the facilitation skills and coached participants effectively ... receiving outstanding reviews from our client."
Alex Nicolas, President, Applied Concepts Institute, Orlando, FL (Project Manager for AmeriCredit)

“Susan was an outstanding trainer. She did fine work preparing our Ito University Professors to be better facilitators. I have hired her numerous times and highly recommend her. I like the design of her 5-day Train-the-Trainer program because it is so interactive and participants see such strong results.”
Manager, Learning and Development, United Technologies Corporation

 “Susan had the ability to work independently. I gave general view of what had to be done and she took the ball and ran with it. If she needed resources or access to people, she made sure she got it. she worked with SME’s and had a plan and was very organized in getting information – which made it easier on SME’s.  She was willing to work collaboratively –her work was thorough, well-structured. She was readily available, responsive, always got through when she needed me.  She produced a high quality product with a good blend of interactivity.”
Rebecca Boyle – Performance Consultant for First Niagara Financial Group

 “I liked that Sue had instructional design experience, and with just broad direction she could just go figure it out – I could trust her. She came well recommended, and worked efficiently without hand holding. The end product was very well received. She turned it around quickly and met the mark for my client. Her networking skills were beneficial to me, in that she could figure things out, call who she had to, knew which resources to go to and took the initiative. She checked in at appropriate intervals, asked, “Am I on the right track?" and adjusted if necessary, which was vital for hitting the mark on a short deadline. I needed someone to help me shape this, which she did, and was collaborative in the process.”
Trish Phillips, Principal, DesignED for Work (Trainer Certification Program for major company


“Susan designed and taught 1-day and 2-day Train-the-Trainer programs for our instructors at DuPont’s Finance University. The participants had immediate success in applying the skills they learned and their colleagues asked to take the course as well. She worked with us in Wilmington on several occasions and taught a few class in our Mexico City office."
Rosa-Maria Gimenez, DuPont

"I love the open communication – meaning business level and also personal level. She collaborated with us; it felt like we worked for same company and were reaching for same goal.  She always made herself available and was very organized. She spent time on the needs analysis, making sure she knew what our client needed. Her project documents were strong, (simple, easy to follow and utilize.) We learned from them and still use them today. We leverage them into different departments and still benefit from. The product was very strong. We still use the products – even 3 years later. People have still have high regards for her and want to work with her. She made a lasting impression."
Performance Specialist Development, Major Financial Institution

“As the instructional designer, Sue Schnorr helped us with our sales training and was extremely adept at designing meaningful learning activities. She got up to speed quickly, understanding our business and services and provided just what we asked for, and more!”
Regional Sales Manager, Leading telecommunications company

“I'm on my way back to the classroom for the 5th session. The first 4 sessions are being referred to as 'the best training we've ever had'.” Sue’s instructional design process was well laid out and had a good structure to it. She put a lot of effort in – I appreciated that – making sure I was clear on what we were trying to accomplish. When I took her design document and matched it back with our sales management team, it was exactly what I was looking for.  I liked her process for creating the video script. We’re still using the video in training.  The class was great because reps could look at their own video-taped demonstrations and see improvements in their skills. This helped them build confidence and get results. One rep went from 25% to 90%!"
Jim Richardson
Manager of Professional Development, Beckman Coulter

 “Sue had a breadth and depth of experience and skills in instructional design, as well as an understanding of client issues. She asked right questions to understand what the client was trying to do; and got grounded in what had to be done. She was responsive, thorough, diligent and jumped through hoops. She coached me in project management so I could best serve my client, to position the best solution and meet tight timeframes. She was willing to do what was necessary.  She worked well under pressure…and put a product together that blew them away.”
Jerry LoJacono, President, Jerome C. LoJacono Enterprises (First Niagara Financial Group)


"I liked Sue’s self-sufficiency. I gave background information and she ran with it. I had a strong comfort level – with her reputation, she was referred from Francine, whom I trust. I turned over the project with confidence, after the initial conversation, knowing hat she would uncover needs and come up with solution.  I felt comfortable with her. Her experience comes through. She had good materials and good models to work from. She brought good experience in helping us in every step of the way. It felt easy to work with her; it was a collaborative effort. The client loved her too, so that was great."
Bob Thomason, Advantage Performance (Ingersoll Rand)

“Sue is a wonderful person to work for. She doesn't hesitate to clarify what she needs on a project and that makes the work go so much smoother. And, she is appreciative of the work done for her projects (being appreciated is always a bonus in any work situation).”

DeeDee Hamm, Owner, DeeDee Hamm Graphic Design

“Sue Schnorr at Training Insights, Inc. is the consummate business training professional. She has excellent instructional design skills as well as a keen ability to help clients and organizations glean what is important and then to deliver targeted results. Her people skills are as strong as her training skills, which provide a great combination for a corporate training resource. I recommend Sue highly.”

Marty Jones, M.B.A., Susan G. Komen Foundation